Thou shall not do this kind of cold-calling

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There I am, in the middle of a hectic work day, my phone rang, showing a number I can’t recognize.

Me: Hello.

Her: Hi, is this Melinda?

Me: Yes, who’s this please?

Her: I’m Mary from *mumble mumble* financial consultancy.

Me: Huh? Which financial consultancy again?

Her: *mumble mumble mumble* erm, like a bank .

Me: What is it regarding please?

Her: Miss, we have a special package of credit card outstanding balance transfer…(and wanting to launch into her sales pitch)

Me: Do you guys check your database? I don’t have any (in my heart I add- bloody!) outstanding balance!

Her: Ohhh…how about a personal loan? (and wanting to launch into ANOTHER sales pitch)

Me: NO I don’t want a personal loan. Sorry I’m in the midst of work, I’m not interested, I need to hang up now.

Her: (Trying to get a word in to interrupt me)…more sales pitch.

Me: Please don’t call me again. Click.

I have nothing against cold-calling though not a great fan. But what really irks me is, irresponsible companies & people just think they can buy a list and simply dial the number without even filtering the basics. Like- HELLO! Am I your qualified prospect??

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I like my beer cold. My calls? Not so.

Let me now don’t even get into details of a call from a reputable slimming center. The conversation ended with me saying I’m not interested and her asking: Ohhh, but whyyyy? (Rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth) I answered: Because I’m NOT FAT! Thinking back, this incident was quite hilarious. :P

These really fuels me and what our business believes in. I bet they have existing customers. I believe first of all, if you treat them right, you will have repeat business, and you will have referrals, hence reduce the dependency on cold calls to get new business.

Secondly, picking up a name with a number is just not smart. Do your homework.

Third, please spread smile instead of irritation to a person’s day. If you do your homework, you may actually end up HELPING the person with the solution you can offer. Here’s 5 good cold-calling tips from Zoho CRM blog.

Anyone here have a cold-calling success story? Please comment here and spread some inspiration. :)